Oh! Matcha

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Matcha was originated in Kyoto, Japan and has established its existence in the culinary world. For you who don't know what Matcha is, it is basically finely grounded green tea leaves powder. Matcha powder is bitter and normally is dissolved in water or milk for consuming. 

Matcha is popularly used in a latte, soft serve, and some in soba noodles. If you are a Sydneysider, I am sure you have already known this little place "Oh! Matcha" next to a building in Townhall station. 

Oh! Matcha offers green tea drinks (hot or cold) and desserts, such as matcha anmitsu or matcha parfait (below).

They have 2 shops in the Sydney CBD, both are within walking distance from Townhall station. One in Regents place and the other one is in World Square (near Coles). If you do happen to try their stuff, make sure share your experience and tell us more about it. 

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